Aaron Rucker - Disputed Charges for the IT Course

Aaron Rucker is disputing the $499 charge for the IT course. The bank says, “the cardholder denies authorizing or participating in the disputed transaction.” In my investigation, I found the following information that negates this claim. Why would someone steal his card and then buy an online course and pretend to be him?


Our WordPress Users Profile for his email address contains his Biographical Info which includes his email address, his githubURL, his LinkedInURL, his location,  his googlePlaceId and even includes his profile picture. It also shows he is enrolled in the IT Course, has the IT Course role, and has also graduated from the IT course.

We have IP address information

Check out his LinkedIn pages, https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaronrucker990/. His LinkedIn account shows he is an IT Professional and is connected with CourseCareers students, even our chief technology officer, and myself. When you click on his “Show all activity” there are more than 90 references to CourseCareers. If you click on his comments, it is mostly congratulating CourseCareers students. Is this a coincidence?

He also talks about his siem-lab on GitHub. This was taught to him by the IT instructor. I asked the instructor if he had Aaron in his course and he said he did and gave me their transcripts to use to counter the dispute. I have included them below. 

The IT instructor has provided a detailed communication log that shows his communication with Aaron. As you can see below, the instructor spent a lot of time on Aaron. The log also shows where Aaron is asking the instructor about the siem-lab which Aaron duplicated and posted on his LinkedIn page.e

We use ActiveCampaign for our email marketing and it shows Aaron’s email address, location and that Aaron received a “welcome to the course” email and has opened multiple emails he has been sent.

We use Segmetrics to log user activity and it shows the date and times he logged in and purchased the course and graduated from the course.

We also have a database dump for his email login with timestamps showing all the course lessons that were taken. He has even gone back in to retake some lessons after he completed the course and took the final exam. Most likely they were the lessons on interviewing.