How a Sales Bootcamp Really Works

Troy Buckholdt
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How a Sales Bootcamp Really Works

Are you curious how a sales bootcamp works? Recently there have been quite a few different bootcamps popping up to train people in different skillsets. One occupation that these bootcamps are starting to get traction in is sales.

What is a sales bootcamp?

A sales bootcamp is a class that trains people in a specialized sales skill set with the goal of making them valuable enough for employers to want to hire them. It’s very similar to a coding bootcamp as they are both based on the same principles.

The reason they exist is because college doesn’t do a good job training enough people with the relevant skills to do these jobs so there is an excess amount of jobs.

The type of people that do these bootcamps are normally recent college graduates that realize they want to learn valuable skills to get a good job, or they’re students who skip college altogether and start their career immediately.

How does a sales bootcamp work?

The way each of these bootcamps work is normally slightly different. The main difference between them is if they are online or in person.

The benefit of the online bootcamps is that they are often much less expensive since they have lower training and infrastructure costs. They are also more convenient since most of the training is often already developed and can be watched/read at any time.

You will find that these bootcamps are either completely free or charge a very minimal fee since most of their profit comes from companies that pay to recruit their students.

These bootcamps are often comprised of 5 different parts that can be learned in as little as a month. This is because there is only so much you can do to prepare for a career in sales that is very soft-skill focused and really can only be learned through experience.

Almost all sales bootcamps teach these same things.

  1. The basic business and sales knowledge
  2. The sales process you will follow
  3. The sales skills you will master to be successful
  4. The sales technology you will use to improve your effectiveness
  5. The career prep that will allow you to get hired

Do sales bootcamps work?

The most important question I’m sure you’re wondering is if these sales bootcamps actually work. What I mean by work is if they get you a job in sales or not.

For the most part, they do work, but you have to have your expectations in line. If you’ve never worked in sales before, then don’t expect to do a short bootcamp and immediately land a $60,000+ job.

A bootcamp isn’t magic and companies still want to see candidates who have experience with proven results. If you do have a background in business to business sales, then a bootcamp could definitely help you transition into a great technology sales job.

For the people that don’t have any sales experience, then a much better expectation would be to get your foot in the door with an internship. This will allow you to get the experience and results that companies want.

From just doing a short couple month internship you will find it much easier to transition into a permanent sales rep making the big $$.

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