Tech Sales Training to Land a Job in SaaS Sales

Troy Buckholdt
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Tech Sales Training to Land a Job in SaaS Sales

Are you interested in going through tech sales training so you can get your first job in software sales? If so, this article is for you.

You will learn what tech sales training is, what you will learn during tech sales training, and how your training in tech sales will help you land a job in SaaS sales.

What is Tech Sales Training?

A tech sales training course is an online educational program that is designed to train you in technology sales with the goal of landing a job afterward.

These tech sales training courses are normally online and self-paced. They typically will last between 1-3 months depending on the time commitment of the student.

The reason people go through tech sales training courses is that they can’t learn tech sales in college making it difficult to get their foot in the door without previous experience.

This makes people look for other ways they can learn tech sales to be able to get their first position. There are three options to acquire this education. Self-education, boot camps, or online courses.

The benefits of using an online course are that you get a much more structured learning environment than you could by self-educating yourself. This results in a more efficent and effective way to get your foot in the door of a tech sales job.

What You Will Learn in a Technology Sales Training Course

The goal of a tech sales course is to just teach you enough to get your foot in the door. This means you will only learn the basics of tech sales that are required for you to be successful in an entry-level position.

Here is the outline of what we teach here at CourseCareers

Sales Basics are the fundamentals of sales that will set you to successfully learn the other parts of the course while also giving you a great foundation as a tech sales rep. Here is what you will learn:

  • Sales 101
  • Sales Terminology
  • Organizational Structure
  • Buyer Personas
  • Ideal Customer Profile

Sales Process is to teach people how to follow the correct process for technology sales. This will set people up to create repeatable success.

  • Sales Cycle
  • Cadence
  • SPIN
  • BANT

Sales Skills are the necessary skills required to be a successful sales rep. These skills require many hours of practice to master and are much like an art.

  • Research
  • Email
  • Cold Call
  • LinkedIn
  • Meeting

Sales Technology are the programs and tools salespeople will use to make themselves more efficent and effective. Learning how to use these tools helps salespeople do their job better.

  • CRM
  • Sales Engagement
  • Data
  • Tools

How a Software Sales Training Course Helps You Get a Job

One of the big reasons people choose to go through a tech sales training course is because they help their students get hired.

Interview Outreach. Tech sales courses will often teach you how to choose companies you want to work at and actually reach out to the hiring manager to pitch them on why they should hire you.

Resume & LinkedIn. Many tech sales courses will also help revamp your resume and LinkedIn profile to help you land more interviews with companies.

Interview Prep Practice. These tech sales courses will also help you practice some questions you will likely be asked in a tech sales interview. This will help you be a great interviewee and get a job offer.

Employer network. The last way tech sales courses help you get a job is by connecting you with employers that expressed interest in hiring their students. This will quickly get you a position in tech sales.

If you’re wanting to go through a tech sales course, then check out CourseCareers to see if we would be a good fit for what you’re looking for.

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