This Career Path Can Make You 6 Figures With No College Degree

Troy Buckholdt
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Dela CourseCareers

Dela left the military without a degree and only having worked retail in the past, yet she was able to land a job in technology, paying over $100,000 a year in less than one month. I’ll explain how. 

After getting out of the Military, Dela had no idea what she was going to do to get on a high-paying career path to support her family. She always heard college was the best route to a better life, yet questioned its value after hearing story after story of people who went into significant student loan debt and still couldn’t land a job. 

This is when Dela discovered a new career path she had never heard of before that would lead her to make over $100,000 without needing a degree or previous experience. 

Dela discovered that there was a career called technology sales where all she would have to do is help companies solve their problems by teaching them about new technologies. This led her to learn about a program called CourseCareers which helps train people online in technology sales and get them connected with companies. No degree or experience required. 

Dela said, “CourseCareers was one of the best decisions of my life. I was able to finish the course within 2 weeks, and before I could even apply to any companies, my dream company reached out to me and set up an interview! They offered me over $100k starting in a fully remote position, and I didn’t even have a degree or previous professional experience! Anyone thinking about breaking into tech sales should enroll in CourseCareers.”

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