Top 5 Books to Learn Sales Development

Troy Buckholdt
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Top 5 Books to Learn Sales Development

Are you looking to learn sales development and don’t know where to start? How about you start by reading the best books written to help you learn everything you need to become great at sales development.

Together these books will give you insights into not only how to be successful in sales development, but also how to land a job and grow your organization. If you’re not a fan of reading, you can go through our free introduction to sales development course.

1. SPIN Selling (Neil Rackham)

Top 5 Books to Learn Sales Development

If you’re wanting to learn sales development, then it’s likely that you will be selling to companies. This means that there will be more than one person making the decision and the whole sales process can seem very complex. This is where SPIN Selling comes into play. This book breaks down the complex sales process into simple actionable steps. It teaches you a framework for helping provide valuable solutions to your prospects. I don’t think there is a better starting point for learning sales development than reading this book. 

2. Sales Development (Cory Bray) 

Top 5 Books to Learn Sales Development

Read the title. This book was written for you. By reading this book you will learn everything about how to be a great sales development rep. Cory breaks down the entire workday of someone working in sales development and gives actionable steps to do your job effectively. He even teaches more complex topics to help get you started with a career in sales development or get promoted.

3. Fanatical Prospecting (Jeb Blount)

Top 5 Books to Learn Sales Development

The main job of a sales development rep is to prospect for new customers. It’s very apparent that learning how to prospect and enjoy the process of prospecting is of the utmost importance. This book was written to teach salespeople the importance of prospecting and how it’s arguably the most valuable part of the sales process. You will learn to appreciate the significance of the sales development role after reading this book. Prospecting will be ingrained in you. 

4. The Sales Development Playbook (Trish Bertuzzi) 

Top 5 Books to Learn Sales Development

This book was written to teach sales leaders and executives on how to implement a successful sales development unit into their organization. By reading this book you will learn to think like a sales leader and understand their perspective. This will allow you to better position yourself to get hired at the company of your choice while also setting yourself up for promotions. 

5. How to Win Friends and Influence People (Dale Carnegie) 

Top 5 Books to Learn Sales Development

This was a hard one. If you could only read five books to learn sales development, then why would I include a book that isn’t specific to sales? Well, the answer is because sales is nothing more than making people happy by helping them. This book was written to teach you exactly how to make people happy and allow you to help them. This is a timeless read that will help you improve all aspects of your social skills leading to improved sales, promotions, and ultimately happiness. 

I hope these five books pointed you in the right direction to learning sales development. If you’re looking to start a career in sales development, then we might be able to help. Check out our program to see if you qualify. 

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