$35k Dog Walker to $80k Tech Sales in 2 Weeks

Here’s a CourseCareers review. Check out our free introduction course here. https://coursecareers.com/explore/sales

Ren was working as a dog walker, making about $35,000 a year, when she first heard about CourseCareers. She always thought tech sales was a good career path, but coding wasn’t for her.

That’s when a lightbulb when off when she went through our free introduction course and realized her personality and skillset was actually an excellent fit for technology sales. Within two weeks of enrolling in CourseCareers, Ren landed an $80k a year technology sales job with one of the largest tech companies, ZoomInfo.

Ren talks about she thinks it’s crazy how fast CourseCareers was able to change her life and more than double her income.