Collge Drop-Out Delivery Driver to Tech Sales in 1 Week

Here’s a CourseCareers Review for people wondering “Is CourseCareers Legit?” Alec dropped out of college after his first semester and began working basic jobs in retail, warehousing, and most recently as a delivery driver.

He found out about CourseCareers while he was delivering packages and quickly decided he had to make a change in his life. He enrolled and was able to finish the course within three months, learning everything required to land his first position.

He got an interview from the first batch of companies he applied to on his first day of finishing the course. Less than a week later, he got a full-time job offer. His life completely changed overnight and he now has a comfortable job working fully remotely and has the money to move out of his parent’s house. Alec is also excited for his future now as he’s on a high-paying career path.