Spent His Last $100 to $85K Cyber Security Sales Rep

Here’s a CourseCareers review of how Zakiyy went from spending his last $100 to enroll in CourseCareers to starting a new job as a fully remote cybersecurity sales rep making $85k in less than 2 months.

Zakiyy has a background working in sales and customer service and wanted to break into the tech industry since he knows that’s the future. He was thinking about going to college since he doesn’t have a degree, but then he found CourseCareers.

He checked out some of the other testimonials and watched the introduction course then decided to enroll. He was able to go all in and finish in about 3 weeks and ultimately land a position in cyber security sales that is fully remote, has full benefits, and pays about $85k in his first year.

Zakiyy talks about how this will completely change life financial life and how the information he learned in the course set him up for success.