The Best Alternative to SV Academy
$500 VS $10,000

We’re the quickest and most affordable way to break into a career in tech sales. Learn why students choose CourseCareers over SV Academy every day!

CourseCareers SVAcademy

Who’s it for
No degree or previous experience required. 
Must have a bachelors degree and previous sales experience 
 No Contracts 
Income Share Agreement Contract 
 Flexible self-paced course that can be completed in under 30 days
Mandatory live classes that takes a minimum of multiple months to complete 
Course Material 
Very comprehensive with life-time access
Surface level with limited-time access 
Job Support 
Unlimited 1 on 1 meetings until you land a job
No support in getting a job after you complete the program
 Partner Employers 
All students who finish our course get access to our partner employers
Only select students who have specified requirements get access to their partner employers
 Salary After Finishing 
The Same 
The Same